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"IF you knew you were an ALL POWERFUL CO-CREATOR with the Universe - HOW would YOU show up and be of SERVICE?"

- Bee, Founder of Back to Your Roots

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Lightarian Ascension Bands™Training

Lightarian Ascension Bands™ are sacred levels of the higher vibrational bands of the divine Buddhic energies − here to assist as we personally enter a new phase. As we move through the eight bands of Buddhic energies, we increase our own self actualization process resulting in meaningful and joy-filled interactions. Recipients also found an increase in intuitive internal and external communications and in manifestations in their overall life path.

After doing some serious energetic work as a result of the Lightarian Clearings and Lightarian Reiki, Peggy Zeramby felt Ascended Master Buddha tap her on the shoulder and tell her that the eight bands of the Buddhic energies needs to be available to all those on a spiritual path. In 1998 Ascended Master Buddha came forth and guided Peggy to facilitate the Ascension Bands for a select few. This guideship happened several times with select individuals over the last fourteen years. Ascended Master Buddha always channeled forth that the Ascension Bands would be presented as an official Lightarian program at some future time. In 2012 Peggy was told "now is the time". This inspired work was subsequently refined and clarified, and it has now been brought forth to stimulate spiritual growth and healing on all levels. His purpose in re-awakening us now to the existence of these eight bands of Buddhic vibrations is to assist humanity in transitioning to the higher vibratory rate that our Earth has entered into.


Personal & Professional Benefits

  • Stimulates deeper levels of personal healing within each charka and the subtle body energy systems

  • Deepens your connection to Ascended Master Buddha

  • Any dominant or latent spiritual gifts/abilities will start to awakening and manifest

  • Obtain a better understanding of a “sense of self”

  • And so much more


Following each Attunement and Training – you will be able to train and attune students as well as integrate these practices and teachings into your own daily life or healing sessions with yourself and clients.

Training format will be a self study format. You will receive the manual, and study it thoroughly. Then your instructor will call you for a question and answer period. After the Q&A segment you will receive the attunement either In-person, via Telephone or Remotely.

There is a 21-30 day integration period between all Ascenion Bands, this helps your body adjust and integrate the higher vibrations and teachings of the manual.


Anyone is able to receive the Lightarian Ascension Bands™. This program is designed to be received by those that are on a true Self-Actualization path.

**The information about this Program was taken directly from the Lightarian Institute™ to help maintain integrity of the teachings**

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