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"IF you knew you were an ALL POWERFUL CO-CREATOR with the Universe - HOW would YOU show up and be of SERVICE?"

- Bee, Founder of Back to Your Roots

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Lightarian Reiki™Training

“Lightarian Reiki™ is the most powerful and highest vibrational form of Reiki healing available". Jeannie Marie Jelm founded the Lightarian Institute in 1997, an Institute developed to help individual’s transform their lives. Jeannie Marie started connecting with Ascended Master Buddha and from there the teachings of Lightarian Reiki began.

The Lightarian Institute is heavily rooted in practices of unconditional love and non-judgement. They personal development practice is as follows:

“Self empowerment is that starting point for the spiritual awakening process.
Then, the clearer you become, the more effectively you can heal!
The more you clear and heal, then the greater the rate of personal energetic activations.
All leading to a greater ability for you to manifest a higher level of service in the
light in your day to day [and abundance on all levels in your life]”

– Lightarian Institute

Lightarian Reiki helps to accelerate the healing process, awaken and expand the abilities of the Practitioner and the clients. Lightarian Reiki helps you to channel higher vibrational energies – helping you to connect more with yourself and the world around in you a more loving, compassionate and non-judgemental way.
Being attuned to the Lightarian Reiki levels helps to propel you along your path. 


Personal & Professional Benefits

  • Stimulates deeper levels of personal healing within each charka and the subtle body energy systems

  • Deepens your connection to Reiki Energies

  • Any dominant or latent spiritual gifts/abilities will start to awakening and manifest

  • Obtain a better understanding of a “sense of self”

  • And so much more


Following each Attunement and Training – you will be able to train and attune students as well as integrate these practices and teachings into your own daily life or healing sessions with yourself and clients.

Training format will be a self study format. You will receive the manual, and study it thoroughly. Then your instructor will call you for a question and answer period. After the Q&A segment you will receive the attunement either In-person, via Telephone or Remotely.

There is a 21-30 day integration period between all Reiki Levels, this helps your body adjust and integrate the higher vibrations and teachings of the manual.


In order to take the Lightarian Reiki Training you must be a Usui Master and have Karuna Level 1 & 2. If you don’t have Karuna level 1&2 you must take the Lightarian Buddhic Boost to help bridge the gap energetically between Usui Master training and the Lightarian training. 

**You can also experience the energy work, knowledge and teachings of the Lightarian Reiki through the Ascension Bridge Program – if you have no Reiki Training, but wish to accelerate your healing practices**

**The information about this Program was taken directly from the Lightarian Institute™ to help maintain integrity of the teachings**

**Ascension Bands Bridge crossover program is available for Practitioners of Lightarian Reiki Level 5&6. In this program you will learn, receive and be attuned to all the Buddhic Ascension Bands to be able to attune others. This program is $495. 

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