Jenni Widmeyer

Intuitive Counselor, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Tarot Card Slinger

Jenni feels and reads energy instantly. She is an
empath, medium, energy medicine practitioner and psychic (clairvoyance, clairaudiance, claircognizance and clairsentience). She uses tarot cards as a tool and channels messages straight from Source.

Jenni’s life purpose is to share her gifts to help give divine guidance and to provide messages of love and light to all in search of them. She wants to help you to constantly dive deeper into self-awareness and your life, to help you break into a new level of consciousness, to become who you are meant to be, through your ongoing journey

of awakening and healing.

For private reading please emailing me at


Jenni specializes in Twin Flame energy, love readings, finding your life’s purpose, practicing self-love, stripping away your shadow side so you can live your life at your fullest potential.