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Chakras - Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra 

Zodiac - Gemini

Planet – Venus Neptune

Element – Air

Numerical Vibration - Number 2 and Number 8 

Known as the Stone of Heavenly Communication, it radiates outward a high vibrational frequency in all directions that calms everyone in its wake. A purifier that cleanses a person’s aura/energy field and the space that it is in. It calms any fear, and promotes purity of heart, hope and good fortune. The perfect stone of dreamwork – it helps with dream recall. It helps to enhance one’s psychic abilities and intuition. People who seek healing through sleep can use this crystal to understand their subconscious better. Enhances communication to the angelic realms and your Spirit Guides. Great for meditation, as it helps to still the chaotic mind and provide a clear focus. Helps to stimulate creativity and EXPAND your ideas.

Celestite Rough

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