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Zodiac - Capricorn
Element - Earth
Vibration - Number 9
Typical colours - Colourless, white, yellow, blue, green


Green Aragonite is the stone of Nature’s Energy. It helps to bring calming energy to your mind, spirit and body. Helps you to balance your chakras and tap into the organic energy within your core. It helps you to see the beauty + blessings in your life. Strong grounding and meditation stone. It amplifies peace, positive emotions, and motivation to accomplish your goals and dreams. Attuned to the Earth Goddess (Gaia) – it helps you to shift your focus to living a more conscious and sustainable life and respecting the resources you are given. In return you will be rewarded abundance + prosperity in all areas of your life.  Said to help activate your kundalini energy within you. Perfect for those with pains, sadness, grief, depression – helps to give a renewed sense of life.

Green Aragonite

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