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Chakras - Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Zodiac - Scorpio, Sagittarius
Numerical Vibration - Number 7


Stone of transformation, works for the Violet Ray. Opens the heart and stimulates our innate deep understanding of unconditional love. Re-energies and reduces stress and work. Transmutes negative energy. SLEEP – improves sleep, alleviates nightmares. Charoite illuminates – allowing past life lessons to be learned, releasing fears and opening our Self up to Spiritual Guidance. Helps to bring Higher Vibrational energy into our heart to unite with our Hearts (Unconditional Love) and Mother Earth. Helps us ACCEPT and LET GO; so you may step into your fullest potential and allow your gifts to be of service to the World.


Charoite Tumbled

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