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All products are hand crafted with good vibes + love. They are made to order.

Due to how all the crystals are cut and created, they may look slightly different than the photos you see. Each crystal has it's own unique lines. No two crystals are alike.


How to Use Your Crystals

Set your intentions.

Hold your crystals during meditation or prayer. 

Place them under your pillow at night. 

Wear them after.

Create your intentions

Sri Yantra.png

How to Care for Your Crystals

Cleanse & charge under the full moon.

Cleanse using other crystals (Selenite).

Cleanse & charge using energy medicine. 

Avoid excessive contact with water, unless the crystals are okay to be submerged.

Custom Creations...

Reach out to Lindsey at for Custom Creations or any other inquiries. 



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