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Perhaps the most uplifting talisman – it generates an uninterruptible power supply for the system. Drawing in dynamic life force energies from the higher planes of existence to optimize health and manifest maximum well-being. The stone lights up every cell in the body and allows one to store this energy for their needs. Highly effective for seeking out what one truly desires and provides an intense focus to aid in this quest. It urges you to become a co-creator of one’s future and inspires taking risks and seizing opportunities. It supports you in standing in your OWN power and helps release you from the burden of self-imposed obligations. It removes the need for stress and turmoil. Powerful carrier of Qi and an all-around healer with strong, readily accessible bioscalar-wave energy. Helps shield you and your environment from WiFi, electromagnetic pollutant and geopathogens. Enhances the practice of kinesiology and insights of Medical Intuitives. Helps to increase psychic abilities. Powerful stimulator of the Earth Star, Base, Sacral and Stellar Gateway Chakras.

Que Sera Tumbled

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