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Chakras - ALL chakras

Planet - Earth

Zodiac - Scorpio

Elements - All - fire, water, earth, wind, storm


Lingam is a symbol of the endless power of the universe, creativity, uniqueness, sense of acceptance and creation. It represents divine generative energy. Has the ability to charge your chakra system completely unlike other stones, because it is associated with all the chakras. Helps with innovation and creation – which can help bring better paths, new relations and fresh beginnings in life. If you are stuck in life and need a way out – this stone will help guide you to new opportunities. It can also feel very rejuvenating. Can be used to worship Lord Shiva. If you want to cleanse and purify the place you life, you can use these stones for their vibrational energy. Can help with infertility. Helps to awaken your kundalini power, and gradually heal any sexual traumas and wounds. Its greatest spiritual healing lies in its ability to let you comprehend the opposing forces of male and female, light and dark, physical and spiritual. Shiva has a deep connection to the Earth element, and will help you develop a wider understanding and deeper appreciation of our motherland, its purpose and our responsibility toward Her.

Shiva Lingam Tumbled

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