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"In order to heal and to create sustainable change within the world, we must heal ourselves first. There is no other way."

- Bee, Founder of Back to Your Roots

Light Dragon Tribe

Inner Alchemy is a GROUNDBREAKING, transformational set of programs designed to help you dig deeper within yourself, free yourself from present, past and ancestral trauma, belief patterns, programs and embody your bad-ass god(dess) authentic SELF.


There are sooo many Spiritual Seekers out there and we have sooo much knowledge, tools, coping mechanism and labels - BUT what the world really needs so more Spiritual DOERS. More people creating inspired action, integrating the tools + teachings into their lives in an effective manner, HEALING and transforming themselves from the inside out to then create more sustainable change on a social-economic-global level. Our inner landscape - stored and trapped emotions, trauma, patterns, beliefs - dictate our relationships, finances, family life, how we parent, lead, teach, and stand in the profession of Healers + Healthcare workers. If we want CHANGE, then ultimately we need to change the relationship we have with our Self and our inner landscape.


Each program has a different focus, that takes you deeper into yourself. Healing and shifting layers, owning your personal power, aligning with your Soul Blueprint, connecting in with your Higher Self, Ku (Inner child) + Mother Earth, and strengthening your intuition and "clair"-abilites. Even though the 13 core programs have a different focus, they all build on each other. And they have the same core, which includes daily remote healing sessions, modules (homework, tips, tools, journal prompts, ancient medicine teachings), one-on-one support AND a sense of community. 

  • Are you feeling stuck? Disempowered? Unmotivated? heavy? Foggy? Lost?

  • Are you ready to create CHANGE in your life? 

  • Do you want to strengthen your connection to Universe and your Guides? 

  • Are you in need of some clarity? 

  • Are you ready to step into your purpose and MANIFEST your dreams? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the energies lately? Or by the events taking place around the world? 

  • Are you a "Healer, Healthcare worker, Empath, Lightworker, Leader or Teacher"?


Personal & Professional Benefits


  • Reduces or eliminates pain & inflammation

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Cleanses toxins supporting lymphatic circulation

  • Regulates blood pressure

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Balances immune function

  • Balances hormones

  • Restores sleep patterns

  • Increases libido

  • Regulates Blood Pressure

  • Supports the healing of the digestive tract

  • Supports the assimilation of nutrients and minerals

  • Releases stored trauma from injuries

  • Increases energy, strength and vitality

  • Triggers the body’s intelligence to heal itself

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  • Overcomes fear, anxiety

  • Move through grief

  • Heal trauma, including PTSD episodes

  • Release anger

  • Restores natural state of happiness and gratitude

  • Acknowledges cares for and releases suppressed emotions

  • Helps to embody forgiveness

  • Increases self-love, acceptance and inner peace

  • Improves and invites loving co-operative relationships

  • Inspires healthy eating, exercise, and healthy lifestyle decisions

  • Inspires creativity and reveals inner gifts

  • You FEEL better


  • Strengthens the power of the mind

  • Improves mental clarity and ability to focus 

  • Decisions become easy and the direction of your life becomes clear

  • Increases productivity

  • Supports the healing of addictions

  • Aligns with a higher order of thought

  • Cleanses obsessive thoughts

  • Heals belief systems

  • Creates health consciousness that guides daily decisions

  • Empowers and uplifts

Third Eye.png


  • Aligns with a higher order of thought

  • Opens intuitive abilities

  • Clears and strengthens aura and energy field

  • Heals past lives

  • Heals ancestral or family traumas that have been passed on

  • Creates healthier belief systems that are in alignment with your Higher Self 

  • Helps you to manifest abundance and your goals, dreams and aspirations

  • Helps you connect with WHO YOU ARE at SOUL LEVEL 

  • Understand your "purpose" + path

  • Strengthens your connect with your Self

  • Cleanses + revitalizes chakra system

  • Clears + cleanses all the meridian channels 

  • Strengthens connect to Mother Earth

  • GROUNDS you!

Program details

The 21 Day Activation Programming includes: 

  • 21 Days of Healing - each morning you will receive 30 minutes of healing, this is done remotely. IF you are working or live in a different timezone - the energy will be sent to you with the intention for you to integrate it while you are sleeping. 

  • You will have modules, tools, homework sent to you through the Better Practice Application - it is your responsibility to complete this. Some individuals complete it as they go, others just follow along in the group chats, and some complete when they can or they save for later - the choice is yours! You will have access to this material for life. 

  • COMMUNITY! You will be placed in a community during your 21 days for you to commune with other people who are the same or similar journey as you are

  • Weekly check-ins + support - you will receive weekly check-ins and support from Rebecca herself. 


You must first take the 21 Day Higher Self Activation, there are 12 other programs that are then meant to be taken in order. The 21 Day Higher Self Activation is the prerequisite for the Spiritual Detox Program. 

The Conscious Parent + Conscious Kids progamming has no prerequisites. 

Payment plan options 

If you need a payment plan options, please email us directly. You must deposit at least $100 of the program and then you can set up payment options. 

Affiliate Program! 

If you LOVE this programming - get PAID for referring your friends. You can use the money you make to pay for your own journey OR you can receive the pay out. You choose! 

Please contact to be apart of the Affiliate Program and for more details!

Group sign up! 

Sign up as a group and receive 10% off your programming! 


  • Receive 10% in store and online on all purchases!!!

  • Receive 10% off ANY sessions with Rebecca during your program!!!

"In order to heal and to create sustainable change within the world, we must heal ourselves first. There is no other way."

- Bee, Founder of Back to Your Roots



"This program was amazing! Waking up each morning knowing healing had been taken place and being in the energy of others going through their own healing journey. It created MASSIVE shifts in my life and I cannot wait to join the next 21 day program offered. It’s provided more clarity and tools to help navigate through your healing journey."

"Amazing how you can feel the changes and a healing taking place. Recommend 100%"

Are you ready to transform your life and to be happier, healthier, wealthier?!?! Sign up today!!!!

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