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Oh heeelllllloooo there September

September brings the energy of Earth (Virgo) and Air (Libra), the Fall Equinox and MERCURY retrograde - which means we will have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron AND Mercury ALL Retrograde. Now Mercury doesn't go Retrograde until the end of the month - but technically we are in the pre-shadow phase.


Basically batten down the hatches and don't leave your houses!

I'm totally kidding!!!!

Retrogrades are the PERFECT time for growth of ALL levels of your being! Think of it as a bit of a pressure cooker - you are being transformed from the inside out. Now most of you will experience the transformations and not even be fully aware of it - this is because we are CONSTANTLY in a state of flux, moving, shifting, growing. Others will deeply and profoundly feel the chaos. Nonetheless, your level of growth and awareness is HUGE and can help you gain more incite, clarity + wisdom about your path, purpose, where you might be holding energy in your body, beliefs and soo soo much more.

September has BIG BIG transformative energy - and YES every month I say this because it's true! There is NO looking back, and each New month, New Moon, and Full Moon all have powerful transformative properties - all with slightly different energies attached to them. September's Energy is BIG, BOLD, MESSY, and deeply grounding. You are being asked to face and examine MANY aspects of your life - friends, relationships, home, family, career, finances, health, Spirit, growth, FEARS - what is serving you? What is not serving you? WHAT ARE YOU STILL HOLDING ON TO?!

Consciously we might think - I'm good! I healed or moved on from that experience, relationship, upset. But in reality, subconsciously we could still be holding on to some of that old wounding - because we have yet to integrate the lesson OR there is another layer we aren't fully ready to embrace yet. Our wellness is truly a complex tapistry, and it's our job to be able to witness it and move through the many layers. September provides us the stage to do just that.

Because the energies are SO incredibly intense right now - you might have old wounding, emotions, thoughts, fear or symptoms surfacing, new symptoms, emotions, thoughts, fears OR you could have "ascension" symptoms!

It is incredibly important to be doing something grounding and truly self healing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! This will help you keep grounded, and be true to your authentic path and out of the energy + chaos of the world!

Self Reiki sessions are the perfect way to do self healing! I recommend to a lot of my clients to take their levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki. It is an easy, effortless and incredible powerful tool to help you feel Empowered to heal yourself! This doesn't take away from you seeing a Mentor/Energy Medicine Practitioner - it allows you to propel your healing, understand HOW energy works, connect more within yours + helps you to embody abundance in your every day life. Another Powerful tool is the Lightarian Programs!! I highly highly recommend this! You could also take an Akashic Records Course and sit in your records - Erin McArthur offers one out of St. Mary's (I can send you the details)! Meditation is also a really great tool! And I will be launching a home study self healing program this month!

We ALL need to be routinely and regularly going to our healthcare practitioners. Virgo energy is all about the physical, our physical health, our physical body, our healing, the physical seeds and manifestations we are planting in our lives. It's time to get back into your Routine or create a NEW routine and focus it around YOU, your wellness, your cup, your Health + Happiness and Wholeness. What do this look like for you?

IF you need some help move energy, building that plan, healing from dis-ease or clarity about your path, purpose, career, entreprenuer life - please please book out your appointments. You do NOT need to struggle through this alone - EVER!!

To help you stay committed to YOU - I have created packages! You can purchase a 12 month package and SAVE $300!!! This is a great way to commit!

*IF you wish you purchase a package and don't have the funds to pay out right - please please message me and we can work out a payment plan that serves YOU!!! Don't allow money or fears around money get in the way of YOUR healing and wellness! When you commit to putting YOU first! The money always finds a way to YOU!!!*

With love + light Tribe,


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