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Top 5 Tips for all areas of your life

On my path, I feel like I was blindly navigating a forest – alone – sometimes in the dead of the night, just trying to find the WAY. But here is the thing, there are many WAYS. There are no limits, only limiting beliefs. And sometimes when you are a leader in your field or THE field, you are forging the path for others. This can be both freeing, exciting, liberating and ALSO incredibly terrifying. As I have been forging my own path, I have discovered some tools that have really benefited me. Here are 5 tips that can help you create success in your life and discovering your truth.

Tip #1: Following your Intuition

I talk about this a lot in my sessions with clients. I help them connect with their Higher Selves, connect with their heart’s desires, and their intuition. I also talk about this a lot in my SoulTribe Mastermind program. When we follow our intuition, we follow our inner compass, nothing seems to go wrong. We might not understand at the time why our intuition is nudging us to do something, it might not seem like the right or logical thing to do at the time – but when we follow our intuition BIG things happen, magic happens. And that is often where Spirit meets us. We solve the unsolvable problems, money just appears in our bank account, everything seems easier, we get that promotion we always wanted, we might quit our job but then land our dream job, and so on. We were born with the blueprint to our life – we just need to TRUST that we have the answers that we are seeking; and then start following that inner guidance.

Tip #2: Be Unapologetically YOU

Be YOU! When you are being YOU, you start taking off the masks, fear, guilt, blame and shame we often wear trying to fit in with society and the social demands. When we start loving and embracing WHO WE REALLY ARE, we turn on our inner light, and we start attracting the people, places and things we actually need in your life. We start being more open and vulnerable – ultimately helping us to love ourselves and others more. Opening us up to experience more, to love more, and to help inspire those around us. It also makes us relatable to those around us. When you are unapologetically YOU, you start asking for what you REALLY need in life, not what you think you need. You work to create a NEW story and you start the healing process. You are worthy, enough and so, so loved – just the way you are. All you have to do is re-remember who you truly are, and stand in that knowing.

Tip #3: HEAL

HEAL. Your health is the avenue to you fulfilling your wildest, truest dreams. It is so innately connected with all aspects of your life. If we reach our goals – become that millionaire, climb the ladder to be the CEO, but we don’t have our health, or we lose relationships in our life…is it truly success? It is through healing that we come to truly understand our heart’s desires. It is through healing that we start taking ownership of our stories, thoughts, emotions, fears, and beliefs. From there we can determine whether we are going to let them stop us, or whether we are going to put those down, heal and continue dreaming. It is through healing that we understand what is our truest self and what is our Ego. It is through healing that we become more vital, more motivated, healthier, more vibrant, and we have more energy to create our dreams. Our health affects all aspects of our lives – our genetics, our physical body, dis-ease, our mental state, our emotional state, our spiritual state, the environment we surround ourselves with, our financial state, the relationships in our lives, our home life, and ultimately our happiness. When we work to heal, we heal our inner world – which is a direct reflection of our outer world.

Tip #4: Be Persistent

Be persistent. There is always going to be an ebb and a flow; and with each ebb you have to be persistent. You have to keep going. If your dreams don’t scare you, that means they aren’t big enough. We were all meant to create some dynamic shifts within ourselves and outside of ourselves. There are meant to be challenges for us to overcome, and to learn from – this is the process of growth and expansion. If you quit – you will not know how far you would have gotten. Our wins, lessons and losses are all our wins. The bruises from being knocked down are our wins. If some of the great leaders around the world gave up because they were tired of being knocked down – we wouldn’t have some of the inventions we have today, we wouldn’t have the freedom we have today. Your dreams matter just as much as theirs did– your dreams are the liberation of you. And that deserves persistence. Keep going! You got this! Come back to this and read it often!

Tip #5: When you do the work, the work works

WHEN YOU DO THE WORK, THE WORK WORKS. Say that again. Let that sink in. How many event and conference junkies are there? How many people keep taking courses that teach them the SAME thing. It isn’t all for betterment. It is sometimes for that rush of empowerment, that high from being in a room filled with like minded individuals. But if at the end of the day we don’t do the work – then we cannot cultivate or create the change that we so desire. We are still in a lower vibration, we are still believing those beliefs that tell us we can’t and won't. And you don’t have to completely do a 180 or implement 15 new steps. You can baby step it, you can create smaller, more sustainable changes in your everyday life. But you have to keep going – you have to be persistent – you have to show up everyday for yourself. When we make New Years Resolutions, we have the hope of sticking it through. We are revved up by the hype of it. This time we are going to stick to it, this time around we are going to make the changes. And then a week in, or a month in – life happens, we hit an ebb and we let it all go. We weren’t persistent and we didn’t show up for ourselves and do the work for ourselves.

  1. When you are following your intuition

  2. When you are showing up and being YOU, unapologetically YOU

  3. When you are working on yourself, for yourself, when you are healing

  4. When the going gets tough and it hits that ebb or you are being triggered by life and you choose to persist

  5. When you do the work, the work works

…..that is where Spirit meets you. With miracles, blessings, abundance, joy, high vibrations, more flows, new opportunities, new beginnings, and so much more

To listen to the Top 5 Tips on Youtube and their break downs, check out the link below:

With love + light,

Ms. Bee

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