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🌊Aqua Aura Copper Ring🌊 

Aqua Aura is a type of Quartz crystal but strongly resembles aquamarine. It is man-made by super heating and infusing gold into Quartz. 

Know as a stone for Abundance + Success. These stones are said to attract wealth and success, and are strong stones to aid your spiritual growth. 

They will prevent any negative effects from any type of energy you may connect with. As well as heal any problem areas in your energy field. Cleansing all negative energies. 

It is a strong healing stone and can be used to intensify the vibration of other stones that you may wish to use them with. 

They create a strong feeling of calm. 

💠Stimulates your heart chakra, Throat Chakra, Crown and Third Eye
💠Connecting in with your inner Truth 
💠Considered a stone of the Mind - helping you focus and direct your concentration
💠Amplifies your thoughts! 

**They are a very beautiful stone and very powerful to wear, although maybe only for short periods at first as they have such an intense energy**

Your Copper Ring might tarnish over time, or leave a green line on your skin - this is completely normal and safe. If your ring tarnishes you can use lemon juice to clean it. Any green mark will wash off. 
Some of the benefits of Copper:
🌺Help allievate Joint pain + Arthritis
🌺Said to help with Headache relief
🌺Increase cardiovascular health
🌺Connected to the heart chakra + the divine feminine energy
🌺Can help with mineral absorption
🌺Healthier immune system
🌺Said to have anti-aging properties

Copper Aqua Aura Ring by Intention.

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