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"IF you knew you were an ALL POWERFUL CO-CREATOR with the Universe - HOW would YOU show up and be of SERVICE?"

- Bee, Founder of Back to Your Roots

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Radiance Healing Training

Are you looking to take your spa facial/healing wellness services to the next level by incorporating Reiki level 1 & Holistic facial modality’s. We believe skin health is influenced by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies ensures that we consider the whole person, their environment, and their current state of wellness.

Together Rebecca & Stef have developed specific training to give you the tools to help your client find the balance they are seeking  Body•Mind•Spirit treatment to get to the spiritual and physical root of your client’s specific skin concerns.

This customized spiritual facial includes all the classic steps of a facial with a big boost of REIKI to foster a deeper connection to the spirit! It will not just leave your client's skin feeling and looking fantastic, but you will leave them feeling NOURISH TO THEIR SOUL.


Day 1 -course for beginners, where students will be attuned to the Reiki energy and learn:

  • What is Reiki

  • The History of Reiki

  • The Principals of Reiki

  • Basic Hand Placement

  • How to give a Reiki table and chair treatment on the Self and others.

Day 2 -You will learn detailed instructions to help you get the most results out of this beautiful practice. I share the signature sequences I have found the most effective while combining the ancient tradition with a modern-day understanding of lymph and fascia behaviour with GuaSha, facial roller, Facial cupping & Kansa wand. (All tools facial tools include with your include )


Day 3- Learn to blend reiki with all four facial modalities during your in-class hand-practical experience with classmates & models to discover how you can incorporate this new skill into your already magical skincare/ healing services


Our training will be facilitated by Rebecca & Stefanie. Stefanie Smith is the Holistic facial therapist & educator of Woodland Beauty + Wellness


For more info, please email


There are no prerequisities for this training. 

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