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EXPANSION. Expanding your knowledge and providing you with insight. Indigo Gabbro is nicknamed the “wise soul” because it can help you dig up your deep-rooted issues in your innermost self. Gabbro will help with strength, courage and LOVE. It helps attract clear messages in your meditations and dreams. It is also called the Mystic Merlinite – the stone of magic and spiritual evolution. Good at strengthening and balancing the third eye and root chakras, as well as all the other primary chakras. It is said to carry an energy reminiscent of Merlin the magician.  It will gently unveil the darkest side of yourself, helping you to examine your past memories and old patterns – so that you might integrate your shadow self. It is very grounding and will help you deal with change. It can help you communicate with the mystical realms and communicate better with the plants, animals and other crystals.

Gabbro Tumbled

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