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"In order to heal and to create sustainable change within the world, we must heal ourselves first. There is no other way."

- Bee, Founder of Back to Your Roots

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Lightarian Rays™ Training

“Accelerate your spiritual transformation by receiving the Lightarian Rays™ Program”

The Lightarian Rays™ Program is designed to TRANSFORM your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As well as accelerate your spiritual path. There are six rays altogether, the first five Rays are conducted in a series of guided meditations attunements. Each Ray helps to create a powerful + permanent connection with an Ascended Master that launches extraordinary
energetic transformations within each charka and your subtle energy body system.

The Lightarian Institute is heavily rooted in practices of unconditional love and non-judgement. They personal development practice is as follows:

“Self empowerment is that starting point for the spiritual awakening process.
Then, the clearer you become, the more effectively you can heal!
The more you clear and heal, then the greater the rate of personal energetic activations.
All leading to a greater ability for you to manifest a higher level of service in the
light in your day to day [and abundance on all levels in your life]”

– Lightarian Institute

Self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activating and manifesting is something that every individuals is undergoing on a regular basis but at their OWN pace. This program accelerates the rate of this self development process by creating a permanent energetic link with each Ascended Master in all of the Rays. This permanent link (activation/attunement) allows them to work behind the scenes to
energetically create shifts – while you continue to do your OWN work. Nothing will be clear, heal, activated, or manifested without your Higher Selves go ahead or acknowledge as we operate under the law of free will.

The Program

You can receive the Program as a Client or as a Practitioner.

  • When you take the program as a Client – you will book a session, we will dialogue about what your expectations you have, what you are looking to work on, and then you will receive the attunement through a guided meditation.

  • When you take the program as a Practitioner - Training format will be a self study format. You will receive the manual, and study it thoroughly. Then your instructor will call you for a question and answer period. After the Q&A segment you will receive the attunement either In-person, Telephone, or Remotely. After your training and attunement is complete you will be able to offer the program to your own clients and students.

There is a 7 day integration period between each Ray attunement, this helps your body adjust and integrate the higher vibrations and teachings of the manual.


Anyone can take this program and receive the healing, specifically designed for those on the path to Self Actualization.

**The information about this Program was taken directly from the Lightarian Institute™ to help maintain integrity of the teachings**

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