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Heart chakra, Solar Plexua
Element: Fire 
Astro: Capricorn, Scorpio 

🌱Deeply transforming, known as the stone of transformation 
🐍Heals physically + emotionally, drawing out impurities + emotional blockages
🌍Protection against radiation, EMFs and helps to heal the earth
💚the Midwife stone - healing female cycle issues, easing labor,  healing past trauma held in the womb
🦚Good stone for balance, abundance, manifestation and intention 

"I AM open to divine love, abundance, health and wholeness"

Your Copper Ring might tarnish over time, or leave a green line on your skin - this is completely normal and safe. If your ring tarnishes you can use lemon juice to clean it. Any green mark will wash off. 
Some of the benefits of Copper:
🌺Help allievate Joint pain + Arthritis
🌺Said to help with Headache relief
🌺Increase cardiovascular health
🌺Connected to the heart chakra + the divine feminine energy
🌺Can help with mineral absorption
🌺Healthier immune system
🌺Said to have anti-aging properties

Copper Malachite Ring by Intention.

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